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KIDS is still recruiting!

We are experiencing unprecedented times. I would like to reassure you on behalf of everyone at KIDS that as much as possible, it’s business as usual where we are recruiting, although the process may be slightly different i.e virtual interviews instead of face to face interviews.

Below is some more information on the work we are doing and steps we are putting in place to keep everyone safe and well.

If there are other ways we can support you during the recruitment process, please let us know.

The work KIDS do has been categorised as essential during the coronavirus pandemic, therefore many of our services have continued to run during this time. In addition to this, those services that have been unable to stay open physically have continued to support our families in alternative and creative ways, such virtual short breaks; on-line mediation; story-time by Skype for Business; virtual fundraising. These are just some of the ways our teams have continued to support our families during these extraordinary times, and we will continue to build on these and other adaptations for the future.

Since the Government announced their plans to start to start to reopen society. We’ve been looking in detail at their guidance in order to plan our next steps.

We will start to gradually build up services as families feel more confident to use them again and as schools get ready to reopen for more children. As now, this will combine face to face services with remote support. Every day children, young people and families tell us the difference KIDS is making during this very difficult time.

For those of our team who are office based, they will continue to work from home until at least the end of August. Our teams have adapted remarkably and will no doubt continue to do so, while ensuring new joiners are quickly made to feel part of the virtual teams.

We have a lot of expertise already about safety (including infection control) and we draw on this everyday. But coronavirus and social distancing are new and require us now to check and change some processes and procedures. As new government guidance comes out we are evaluating and adapting it to make sure it is relevant for KIDS. We will be issuing this guidance alongside checklist and risk assessments, first to services currently open to ensure they have tools to deliver safely. We will then develop a suite of guidance for other services and settings.

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